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Christa Amyot

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November 29, 2017

So You’re Responsible for Social Media, Now What?

Social media is officially “a thing” for many organizations. It may have crept up slowly, or hit you like a ton of bricks but there is most likely an individual or a team who is (or will be) responsible for setting up, maintaining, and posting daily to your company’s social media channels. (If not, we’ve got bigger issues … but we can help with that too, reach out!)

We know that while many organizations want to have a strong presence on social media, their strategic plans, operating budgets, and employee bandwidth haven’t been revised to accommodate the demand on technical, budget and the human resources that it takes to strategically operate a social media plan.

Loose translation: “I’m supposed to be ‘doing’ social media at work. Please help!”

Maybe you’ve taken some online social media training, or perhaps you were “volun-told” simply because you have an Instagram account and by default “must know how to do social media for business”. #Gulp. Either way, we know that the demands of designing a social media strategy, creating posts, managing ads, building the community, interpreting the analytics and making strategic communications and marketing recommendations to your larger team can be overwhelming (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)

In an online world that’s always changing and evolving – with what seems like daily platform changes and updates – social media can be a bit of a head scratcher if you’ve been thrown into the deep end of the pool. What do I say? Who’s my audience? How often do I post? What platforms are best for what content? Why are we even doing this? All very important questions that need to be thought out and put into a STRATEGY before anyone gets access to hit the “post” button.

Have no fear! We got your social media floaties right here, and before you know it, you’ll be swimming on your own.

TRUEdotAcademy is a set of courses designed to give you the most up-to-date tools and training that you need to run your social media channels – specifically geared towards the people who are tasked with running their company’s social media channels. After your training is complete with our certified program instructors, you will walk away with the certification papers to make you an official social media guru.

What programs are currently available? Learn more about the program curriculum for:

  • Facebook Marketing Foundations
  • Social Media Foundations

Have you been tasked as the official Social Media Coordinator for your workplace? Learn more about TRUEdotAcademy by clicking here.

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