Ashley Savoie

Social Media Manager

The ever-imaginative, enthusiastic and curious Ashley comes by her love of marketing honestly. Growing up with a marketing maven mom—her biggest role model—she became interested in the business at a young age. “Marketing is a perfect mix of psychology, creativity, customer service and so much more—it draws on many of my strengths and interests,” she says.

With a diverse agency and channel background that includes both a small start-up and a multinational, enterprise-level company, Ashley knows that the principles of effective communication are the same no matter what your size: understand your audience and create content and conversations that add value to their lives. As social media community manager, she’s focused on delivering high-quality content, increasing audience engagement and building community across multiple channels. Because social media is forever fluid and often unpredictable, she’s quick on her toes, always ready with the perfect post or strategy to propel a client’s business forward.

When she’s out of the office, you’ll find Ashley creating—whether it’s a new recipe, a flower arrangement, fresh home decor or memories with loved ones.