Meghan Bennett

Marketing Coordinator

As marketing coordinator at TRUEdot, Meghan is at the centre of it all. Her day-to-day role includes everything from market research and campaign coordination, account support, office management and—perhaps most important—member of the TRUEdot fun team.

With experience in marketing, sales and administration in diverse industries, Meghan knows that no matter what the business, success is all about relationships—and “communication is key to any relationship!” Her ability to forge lasting partnerships with clients is a perfect fit for an agency that lives and breathes a client-first approach to marketing: at TRUEdot, we believe that a better client experience equals better results.  

Meghan has a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in marketing from Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business. An ever-curious learner, she has a passion for travel and adventure. “When I’m 65, I hope to be retired and travelling the world with my partner,” she says. “I love to immerse myself in new cultures.”