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Susy Lee

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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Having grown up in the digital era, Susy’s talent for social media management comes very naturally to her. In addition to being energetic, passionate and collaborative, she is incredibly organized and detail-oriented. All of these qualities lend themselves well to managing the social media activity of her clients and keeping the TRUEdot office running smoothly with everything from accounting to meeting planning.

But even the most social of butterflies needs to cocoon once in a while, and Susy will tell you she has a great appreciation for slowing down and being in the moment. These quiet moments may find her reading, trying a new restaurant or enjoying a relaxing weekend getaway with her partner.


What one adjective best describes you?


What inspires you?

My family and loved ones. They inspire me each and every day to chase the things I want in life, to work hard, to be humble, and to be kind!

Favourite travel spot?

Greece... also, Paris

What is your personal credo?

Love conquers all

What energizes you?


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