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Vitaliy Deputat

PPC/SEO Specialist

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Being a 3rd generation teacher with an MA in linguistics, the logical path for Vitaliy would have been teaching languages. Instead, he decided to break with family tradition and pursue a technical career that focused on people, business and technology.

With 12+ years’ experience in IT and start-ups, Vitaliy has developed a true passion for tackling big problems with small teams. When combined with his analytical and data-driven mindset, Vitaliy is a powerhouse of skill in his role as PPC/SEO Specialist. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s certified in Google Analytics, Google Search, Google Display, Google Ads Video, Bing Search and is also a Facebook Blueprint Media Buying Professional.

Tasked with managing our clients’ website traffic, both paid and organic, he is constantly analyzing and optimizing, ensuring that ad dollars are well spent, and websites have high visibility.

When Vitaliy manages to step away from his work, it’s not surprising that technology doesn’t play a big part in his quiet time. Instead, he seeks balance by getting out in nature with his family.


What is your proudest accomplishment

My family. And then my house - I built an energy-efficient home using alternative energy (solar energy, heat pumps, thermal heat exchanger etc).

What do you do to recharge?

Get out in nature, ideally somewhere close to a river. Turn off the phone. Fish, cook food on fire, catch up with sleep.

Favourite travel spot?

In Canada - Gatineau Park

What energizes you?

Happy people. I feel that energy and it charges me up.

What inspires you?

Bringing a vision to life

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