You’ve got questions —
We have answers

Can I park?

We’ll be the judge of that. Our brand-new windows have a great view of the 3hr limit parallel parking spots on Spruce Street and around the corner on City Centre. We can also see the cars that have to do a U-turn if they try to get to us from Preston Street and get stuck at the cement barricade.  So, if you approach Spruce Street from City Centre and can parallel park, the answer is a big fat yes!

Will there be snacks?

Depends on what you bring! We’ll have some light nibbles, coffee, tea and water to throw into the mix. If you’ve got any allergies or intolerances that the entire room needs to know about, drop a line and we’ll spread the word.

Do I need stuff for notes?

Likely. So, bring your laptop or gadgets (don’t forget your charging cables). And if you still roll that way, pack your paper and pen. We won’t judge. #ThatsALie

What should I wear?

We’re really not fans of socks and sandals, but other than that anything goes – be comfortable. We’ll be in business casual-ish.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Bahahahahaha! #snort.

Of course we’ve got Wi-Fi! We’re all about dot everything here at TRUEdotHQ. We’ll set you up with the code when you arrive.

Do you have a hashtag?

Ok, that’s almost as funny as the Wi-Fi question – we slap hashtags on everything here at #TRUEdotU.  Be sure to connect with us at @TRUEdotU everywhere online.  (yes, even Google+)

What if I’ve got more questions?

If you’ve still got questions, then can we just say that we think we love you?! Inquisitive minds are exactly who we’re looking for. Give us a call at 613-800-Tdot or DM us over on our Facebook Page at @TRUEdotDESIGN.  (And while you have us on the other end, can you ask that Wi-Fi question again? The belly laugh felt great!)

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