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Description: Showroom, Print + Advertising, Branding, Website, Signage + Vehicle, Online Marketing + Email Campaigns

We strengthened Uniform Developments’ overall brand, by first clarifying the brand architecture, then refreshing the  brand’s look and feel with a new palette of classic corporate colours, that conveys its distinctive positioning. The revitalized look and feel was applied to a new print ad design for the residential division.

A spectacular new website was also created – one that delivers on the brand’s online experience. The design is professional, classic and elegant. Both the residential and commercial business lines are presented in one clean, uncluttered layout. The residential section’s unique, custom-scripted and highly interactive site plan functionality brings the website to a new level of seamless user experience. The overall design, messaging and functionality, enable users to interact online with Uniform Developments’ brand promise of delivering an exceptional customer experience.


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