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Description: Branding, Social Media + PR, Print + Advertising, Online Marketing + Email Campaigns, Event Planning

Marble Unlimited, a privately owned family operation known for its granite and CAMBRIA Natural Quartz Surfaces, had been expanding, and gaining recognition. However, the brand no longer reflected the breadth of their offering, and there was a need to realign the brand strategy with the new business strategy.

Based on a revised positioning, our firm developed a new name and identity. Moving the company from Marble Unlimited to Urban Quarry has injected a sense of sophistication, stature, and modernity to what was a more “utilitarian” and limiting name. We extended the look and feel to business cards, stationery and other print collateral.

We also took what was essentially 1,600 square feet of raw warehouse space, and transformed it into a unique showroom experience. Large, 15-foot slabs of gorgeous granite lean against white walls like art, while oversized, historical black and white canvases help to give a sense of history and appreciation for this beautiful natural material. The showroom feels like a New York loft, complete with a fireplace and modern leather chairs.

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