Abe Hamid

Communications Manager

Meet Abe! As Tdot’s Communication Manager, Abe decodes clients’ marketing problems to provide solutions that will help brands shine. Throughout his seven-year marketing journey across manufacturing, automotive, SaaS, and not-for-profits, he’s honed his skills to create stories that captivate audiences.

For Abe, the magic formula lies in effective communication and collaboration – the secret to solving marketing puzzles successfully. What drives him? Helping businesses thrive and people succeed! Abe is a firm believer in the power of data-driven decisions, always on the lookout for growth opportunities that will help clients soar to new heights.

But there’s more to Abe than his marketing prowess; he is a passionate supporter of his favourite sports teams, Real Madrid and the Orlando Magic. He’s also an avid reader of self-improvement and history books, constantly seeking knowledge to enrich his personal and professional life.