Erika Heidebrecht

Director of Accounts

You know the saying, “I’ll have what she’s having”? Well, we’ll have what Erika’s having. Why? Because as account director, she ensures her clients’ projects progress seamlessly from start to finish, and she does it all with superhuman calm and organization–with not a single hair out of place, we might add!

If there’s one thing Erika loves most about her job, it’s seeing the impact of the work we do for our clients. “When they tell us that we’ve really helped them move the needle, it feels great,” she says. From managing fully integrated homebuilder marketing campaigns to planning strategic marketing projects that include brand development, web design, SEO and digital advertising, Erika has her hands full–but you’d never know it, because she’s as cool as a cuke!

When it’s time to recharge, Erika is a pro at balancing the lazy and the active. You can find her kicking back at the cottage–but when she wants to get her pulse rate up, she’s at the beach (or court) playing volleyball with friends.