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Karine Létang

Graphic Designer

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Karine has loved art and design ever since she was a kid. Her passion was further enriched when she enrolled in a high school with a specialized art program. By time she graduated, she knew her professional occupation was destined to be art-related. She went on to graduate with honours from the 3-year graphic design program at Cité Collégiale in 2011.

Being a designer often means having a discerning eye and knowing when one is faced with poor design. When asked what drives her nuts, Karine doesn’t hesitate – “Forgetting about white space and alignment. You have to let that design breathe!”

When Karine isn’t concerning herself with principled design sense, you’ll find her spending time outdoors with her beloved horse, Robin or travelling the globe, because both experiences help her “unplug, breathe and enjoy the moment”.


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