Mr. Pam

Chief Inspiration Officer

Mr. Pam (aka @seaninmotion, Sean Costello, or best known as Tdot Account Director Pam Ellison’s husband) has been supporting the team as an honorary Tdotter since day one. There’s not one celebration, event, or special moment that Mr. Pam doesn’t take part in. Whether it’s showing up with a coat full of specialty cocktails, spreading Valentine’s Day candies around the office, or providing a listening ear on our toughest days, his support and encouragement mean so much to the team that we have bestowed upon him the very prestigious title of Tdot’s Chief Inspiration Officer!

Sean also has a day job (actually a few of them). He is a reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces, a business owner, and employer, and travels the globe as a freelance writer/photojournalist, studying and covering the people, culture, and methods of high-performing organizations (NASA, SpaceX, CF Snowbirds, America’s Cup teams, etc.).