Celebrating Women in Business

Did you know that the core TRUEdotDESIGN team is all women? We didn’t do it on purpose but we are not complaining. It means that we have built a team of strong, talented women who bring so much more than just their marketing and design expertise to each project. As National Women’s Month comes to an end, we decided to dedicate this post to all the women who play pivotal roles in today’s work world.

Today’s working woman is not only educated, confident, and ambitious, she is an expert in one very important thing…multitasking! This helps her juggle the balance between her professional and personal life with good foresight, patience, and of course enviable organization.

Not that we are minimizing any of the amazing contributions that men make each day, but just what is it that makes us different in business?

  • Women are emotionally intelligent and possess good interpersonal skills which are vital for relationship building and for developing innovative and creative strategies.
  • Women are passionate by nature and enthusiastic about our choices. We like to talk and share our thoughts on new ideas and products, emphasizing the positive features.
  • Women are patient and have great vision. We have the natural ability to wait and see, having the patience to work towards our goals over time.
  • Women have great inner strength, a passion for our work and are generally not afraid to take risks.
  • Women bring confidence, enthusiasm, and cheer to our daily tasks.

So to all the Tdot ladies, and to all the powerful women making their way in the world, go ahead and unleash your superpowers – show the world why being a woman in business is absolutely fabulous!