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Corporate Holiday Gift Awesomeness

When it comes to Corporate Holiday Gifting are you saying “You’re Awesome or We’re Awesome”?

The holidays are right around the corner. Do you have a plan for your corporate holiday gift this year?

Many companies struggle with holiday gifts for their clients and frequently delay until the last possible second, leaving them with few choices, and no option for customizing. I sat down with Annette Casselman, swag expert at Brymark, who has nearly two decades in the promotional products business to ask her about the strategy behind corporate gifting; the why’s, the how’s and the what’s hot.

Is sending a corporate holiday gifts really worth the effort?

 “This is entirely the wrong question to ask,” says Annette. “A holiday gift is not an investment, it is benevolent.” When you take the time to select holiday gifts that are about the client experience, you have the opportunity to; make an impact, strengthen relationships and leave a lasting impression – #priceless! Your corporate gifting strategy should shift throughout the year. Annette is right on the money when she says “Sometimes the strategy is ‘Please’ and other times it’s ‘Thank You.’” When it comes to the holidays we are in the season of giving thanks.

Don’t. Just don’t leave your corporate holiday gifts until the last minute.

When you plan ahead you have the advantage of being creative. With access to over 55 million corporate gift products, we can help find the perfect gift that reflects your brand and makes an impression with your client. But as Annette points out, the longer you leave it, the less stock availability. Rushing leaves you without the chance to customize and add your branded touch. Remember: last minute shopping (such as those who wait until December 24th) is expensive and stressful!

Tell a story with your corporate holiday gift.

While selecting the right gift is key, often companies miss the opportunity to create a lasting impression. We always recommend a custom designed cards to accompany your gifts that are personal and branded. Make an impact by telling a story about the product, include instructions or recipes or convey what their business has meant to you this year. This adds another opportunity to be creative and memorable.

Be creative with your gifts.

Think for a moment about something you have on your desk or that you use regularly that came from a client or supplier. Why did you keep it? Leave an impression for all the right reasons; select something that is useful, fun or delicious and definitely skip the dust collectors. Remember this about your client.

So how do you do that? Simple. Start with thinking about your brand and how you would like people to think of you. Fun and approachable? Serious and professional? Then, think about your clients and how you can make sure that you are giving them something that makes them feel valuable. From there, the options are endless!


We had these shot glasses custom designed to hand out at our golf tournament, to accompany some celebratory drinks. They reflected our brand and our event perfectly and we got an immediate reaction from our guests.

Not feeling creative? These are Annette’s hot sellers!

  • Travel coffee mugs
  • Water bottles
  • Electronics like; bluetooth headphones and speakers
  • Messenger bags and laptop cases

While the gift is important, don’t skimp on the presentation. Delivery is key and make it personal. If you are going to the expense of gifting, make sure you don’t drop the ball with the messaging and delivery!

Is it too early to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS?! 😉