Delighted To Be A Part Of The Distinctive Women Community

I recently attended IGNITE III in Toronto, the third annual conference hosted by Distinctive Women, a national network of all female professionals. It was energizing and empowering to be surrounded by more than 100 accomplished women who work in fields as diverse as banking, medicine, fashion, photography and home renovation. Many thanks to Brenda Robson, Ashley Robson and Courtney Robson-Moore, who created this incredible event.

 I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived, since this is my first year as a member of the organization. I was surprised by the uplifting impact the event had on me. It’s an incredibly supportive group, whose members are eager to help each other grow. After meeting successful women from across the country, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact any of them for advice on the unique challenges facing female entrepreneurs. Often being out of the office for three days to attend a conference would stress me out as I think of my mounting inbox, frequently wondering if it’s even worth it… Not this time; I came away from this event feeling energized and more determined than ever to charge forward, knowing that I have a team of professionals that are cheering me on.

 To top off an already incredible event, I was honoured to receive the Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2016-2017 on the final day of the conference. It is a tribute not only to me, but to all 13 brilliant, hard-working women here at TRUEdotDESIGN.