Halloween Special: Five Reasons Your Social Media Might be Dying

It’s SCARY to think about what might be killing your social media engagement! Is it inconsistency? Relying too much on stock photography? Are you on the wrong platforms for your audience? To figure out how to bring your social media back from the dead, you need to know what’s killing it first.

Like a Halloween resurrection, we’re here to unearth the ghoulish culprits lurking in your social media strategy. Read on … if you dare!

Content’s Not Spook-tacular

The first culprit of poor social media engagement is lackluster content. Your audience craves content that’s as thrilling as a ghost story around a campfire. To revive engagement, create captivating, relevant, and shareable content that encourages people to take action (share the post, comment, click through, etc.). According to SEM Rush, 44% of marketer survey respondents said improving the quality and value of their content has led to more success. Spice up your posts with intriguing visuals and compelling stories, giving your audience more value. Maybe it’s a behind-the-scenes video of your construction site as the foundation is being poured; or perhaps it’s a client testimonial from a new homeowner who just moved into their home your company built. Remember, it’s all about the treats, not the tricks.

Ghosting on Opportunities to Engage with People

One of the most common ways to kill social media engagement is by ghosting on opportunities to engage with your audience. Imagine this: your competitors are discussing a topic you have expert knowledge of, but you are nowhere to be found. Scary! Join these conversations to breathe life into your social presence while showcasing your thought leadership. Don’t shy away from dialogues that matter – engage with your peers and build connections. Ask questions, reply to opinions, comment on photos. Communicating with your friends, followers, acquaintances, even those you don’t know can help build a loyal following of brand ambassadors.

Being Scared to Open Up

To resurrect participation on your social media profiles, you must show some vulnerability. Being a faceless corporate entity won’t cut it in an era of authenticity. Instead, reveal your human side, share your stories, and be transparent on social. A study shows that over 90% of people “are willing to reward a brand for its authenticity via purchase, investment, or endorsement.” Users appreciate brands and individuals who aren’t afraid to show their true selves. So, feel free to be transparent with your audience. Make a joke, share a personal achievement, show the inner workings of your company or brand – it’s what leads to genuine engagement!

Not Giving ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About

Give your audience something to talk about (no, not something controversial!). Whether it’s a trending topic, a new product, or a fresh perspective on industry news, be the source of interesting and relevant conversations. “What engages audiences is always shifting,” so ensure you’re up to date on what’s trending in your industry as much and as often as possible. Remember, the more engaging the content, the more your audience will get involved.

Thinking Giveaways Are Dead

Who doesn’t love treats? In the world of digital marketing, giveaways are the equivalent of trick-or-treating and can be an effective way to revive your engagement. Offer unique prizes that entice people to get involved (luxury hotel stay, anyone?), encourage user-generated content by creating fun challenges, or join a trending challenge. Promote it effectively (we all have to pay to play these days), and watch the engagement rise like a full moon on a dark night.

Creating a compelling and relevant presence on social media can feel daunting, almost like a haunted house that’s dark and spooky, filled with the unknown. With the right strategy in place, it’s possible to bring it back from the dead. Avoid these deadly mistakes and your audience will be haunting your profiles in no time!

If you’re struggling with your social media presence don’t be afraid to reach out to our team of social media experts. Happy haunting!