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Make Footprints that Say “I was here”

Many of TRUEdotDESIGN’s clients are in the Architectural and Construction industry in and around Ottawa.  It is especially amazing for us to see and recognize their unique footprint as part of our city. Structures that began as an idea, a sketch on a napkin, or a spark of inspiration born from an initial meeting with a client have become indelible fixtures within our cityscape.  As Marketers, we are focused on identifying opportunities that will make our clients shine.  A well-executed campaign – be it in online or traditional avenues – should reflect well on the client, enhancing their footprint. If we change our perspective and turn the spotlight on ourselves, how can we make a mark, leaving our own footprints behind?

Opinions may vary but, for us, it’s all about relationships. TRUEdotDESIGN has developed relationships with local initiatives and charities that we are drawn to. We participate in fundraising events for some, and for others lend our talent and expertise to bring awareness to their individual message and objectives. We leverage social media, mainstream media and draw on similarities in our clients’ corporate culture to cultivate support and create partnerships.

Among the community initiatives TRUEdotDESIGN currently supports – either through participation or services – are:

In the end, the footprints we make will be in the support we create and in the community successes we can be part of.  How do you create your footprint?