Is my Facebook Page Doomed? #no

Facebook Zero. Facebook Apocalypse. Facebook News Feed Armageddon.

No matter what you call this latest change to the Facebook algorithm, its impact on the organic reach for Facebook Page posts is real. What does it mean for your business Facebook Page?

What has changed for Facebook Page reach?

Facebook has changed the way Facebook Page posts will be served to their followers – yet again. Changes to the Facebook algorithm announced by Mark Zuckerberg on January 11, 2018 mean that organic Page posts that don’t have fan engagement will be fed to users less frequently, inevitably lowering the reach of posts for many Facebook Pages.

The knee-jerk reaction from Page owners and social media marketers was that Facebook Pages are doomed unless they’re prepared to pay for ads, move to Facebook Groups, have budget for videos, or are prepared to use Messenger more vigorously.  And while these are indeed valid tactics to combat the changes, it’s becoming clearer day by day that our Pages are not doomed and the algorithm changes do not mean the end of organic Facebook reach.

This isn’t the first Facebook revolution

We’ve weathered these changes before (remember the good ole days when all fans saw all posts in real time? #Bliss).  We knew this change was coming and we’ve been poised ready to adapt, to make sure that we’re harnessing the full power of the platform.

Facebook will continue to be a major player in social media marketing and we still feel strongly that the absence of a brand on the platform will speak volumes (and not in a positive tone).

What do we need to do in response to the latest Facebook changes?

Unless you plan to use Facebook simply as a stationary billboard-esque landing page that you hope users find through searches (a viable option for some companies), it’s vital that you take a few steps to give your posts the best possible chance of showing up in the newsfeeds of your followers.

Keeping in mind that Facebook’s goal is to place value on “meaningful social interactions” and to show users more of what they want, we’ve got some immediate steps to take to make sure our fans continue to see our Page posts in their newsfeeds;

Top 3 tips for adapting to the new Facebook algorithm:

1.    See first

Facebook users can choose up to 30 accounts or Pages to “see first” in their newsfeed. Any posts by these accounts since the user’s last Facebook session will appear at the top of their newsfeed with a blue star.

Page owners should encourage their employees, fans and followers to set their Page to “See First” and refresh their feed regularly so that they never miss a post.  Here’s how we’ve let our Facebook fans know – feel free to share the post!

Tdot Insider Tip:  Don’t waste space in your 30 account quota with your favourite peeps. Change your settings for these accounts to “close friends” instead.  You’ll get a notification whenever they post and you can save the See First spots for Pages.

Learn more about Facebook’s “See First” settings on the Facebook Help page.

2. Employee engagement

Page posts that draw out user engagement will be fed to more followers and will have potential to reach beyond your fan base (essentially “going viral”).  Ask your employees, members, or community to engage with your posts.  Creating posts that are conducive to natural engagement will make a world of difference.

  • DO comment on your own page posts from your personal account
  • DO tag colleagues and converse within the comments section
  • DON’T pressure your employees to SHARE all of your Page posts with their family and friends (especially if they’re not your target audience)
  • DON’T tag just for the sake of tagging. Keep the conversations natural and meaningful.

3. Revisit your strategy

Major changes to tools are an opportunity to review and revise our strategy. Social media is no exception to this rule. Facebook is a marketing tool and our marketing strategies must adapt when the game changes.

Ask questions like:

  • Do I want to pay to play?
  • Is my posting frequency and timing effective?
  • Are there other channels I should be focusing on?
  • Am I using video and engaging my audience to the fullest?
  • Is my owned media as robust as it should be?

Facebook: fight or flight

Don’t lose heart! Facebook can continue to be a major force in your online marketing strategy – the 3 billion users aren’t going anywhere, and your superfans will go out of their way to find your brand Page on Facebook.

If you’re not sure about what you need to do in response to the recent changes to Facebook, don’t hesitate to reach out. Join the conversation over on our Facebook Page (see what we did just there?!) to help you stay ahead of the curve. We’re mighty generous with our tips ‘n tricks because, let’s face it, we’re all in this Facebook fight together!