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The Cobbler’s New Shoes – Welcome to the New Tdot Website

Current status: overjoyed!

Our brand new TRUEdotDESIGN website is LIVE. We did it. It’s finished. Complete. Finito.

Have you heard the old proverb about the cobbler’s shoes? Their children go barefoot, and yes, we have been running barefoot for far too long. We knew it was time to design ourselves a new pair (a fresh website, that is), and it’s finally here!

Stylish. Sophisticated. Smart.

For years, Tdot clients have trusted us with building their brands, websites, marketing strategies and just about everything in between, and over the last few months, we dedicated the time to do the same for ourselves.

It took a bit of time, a lot of creativity, thought and of course, people-power. Was it worth the wait? We’re pretty biased, yes! We love it!

But we want to know what YOU think. Scroll through and check it out for yourself.

We want you to explore each of the pages with the hope that you will learn more about who we are and what we do – because each section has been carefully thought out and is filled with all the reasons why we’re “Marketing With Moxie”!

Leave a comment on our social media to let us know what you think!

“The shoemaker makes a good shoe because he makes nothing else.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson