Truedot: Through the eyes of an Intern

Day 1. The beginning of the beginning.

As I walked up the Truedot stairs, I receive a warm welcoming from the entire team.  Everyone’s open hearted greeting instantly made me feel part of the crew. They had already set up a special desk space just for my laptop and me and Milusha, being the nurturing person she is, set up a lovely first day package for me.  I was invited to the weekly production meeting. Ten inspiring women gather into a single office to discuss and brainstorm client projects, and my internship begins.

I’m an Algonquin College student in my last semester of the graphic design program. I have received the amazing opportunity of hanging out with these ten motivating women for a six-week internship (not long enough). This is my first time in an agency environment, and as such it is overwhelmingly fun to be discovering everything for first time.

I got into graphic design because I wanted to exercise my creative mind. My first love was photography, however I found I wasn’t stimulated enough in the practice of it. I felt I needed more variety. This is when I discovered the world of design, where I was able to communicate with people through visuals and the assistance of countless assortment of media. BAM! I got to have my cake and eat it too! Truedot is curing my craving and giving me room to explore, learn, experiment, and fail. It is the perfect step into the world of graphic design.

One thing I have noticed as an intern is that everyone has each other’s back here. Truedot is an amazingly supportive family who always sticks together. The environment makes everyone feel equal and accepted. They are a wolf pack, with an unconditional relationship with each other. Being inspired by these relationships, I have already learned that no matter what work environment you are in, if you have a team like Truedot’s, you can be unstoppable.

This internship has gotten me very excited about my future in design. I’ve learned that whether you have been in the ‘biz’ for one or fifteen years, there is always something new to learn. The industry and technology is constantly changing but also you are always learning from your colleagues. Everyone has their own tips and tricks to share. This makes me a better designer every day and is extremely encouraging.

There will be many things I keep with me from this internship, but most of all I hope to keep the good people of Truedot. It is such a beautifully balanced group of people, I am very lucky and grateful to have a chance to be a part of this design family.

Chenise Summer Paquette