What Super Bowl Advertising Teaches Us About Marketing

It’s that time of year again, Super Bowl mania! For the past few months marketing agencies have been knocking themselves out creating Super Bowl commercials that they pray will not just garner attention for their 60 seconds on Sunday, but will light up social media before and after the game. As the 2017 batch of commercials start working there way into your social media feeds, stop and think about the strategy they are using to engage you. What about these commercials might make you share it with your friends? Now, think about how your product or service might create campaigns that tap into that same emotion.

What Every Business Can Emulate

  • Always evoke emotion. Every post, image, video and blog that you create should stimulate your audience to; laugh, cry, nod their head, hand gesture, get angry or make them think.
  • Use strong visuals. Again, it’s about stimulating a reaction. Bold images and punchy text grabs attention and interrupts their scrolling.
  • Music matters. Adding in music over gif’s, videos and flip-o-grams stimulates multiple senses. Your audience will not all connect with the same thing, for some it’s visual, for others it’s emotion and yet another group will be stimulated by tone. Tap into the impact of music to reach your audience at an emotional level and make the most powerful statement in the shortest time.
  • Leverage all platforms. The advent of social has levelled the playing field, you don’t have to produce an expensive TV commercial to get noticed. Big brands and retailers have the same ability to post on social media as you do. We are seeing advertisers squeeze every cent of their 1 minute, multi-million dollar commercial by posting either the entire version, or splicing and dicing teasers and releasing on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for maximum visibility before, during and after the Super Bowl.  This provides consumers the opportunity to interact with the brand by liking, sharing and commenting. Sharing = Caring
  • It’s about people not product. The best marketing initiatives tell a story that pulls you in and makes you forget that you are watching a commercial! Savvy advertisers are becoming content writers who entertain, while simultaneously tapping into your humanity. They let your subconscious do the work.
  • Controversy breeds conversation. With politics grabbing headlines, more brands are using their voice to share their values to support and engage their customers. Your audience will value knowing who you are and what you stand for, while not everyone will agree, it is an opportunity to engage in honest dialogue like never before. “Creativity takes courage”.

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