When will you lose access to your Google Analytics data? Sooner than you think.

For all you dataheads out there, some big Google Analytics news just dropped! 

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics, then you’ve likely heard that the Universal Analytics platform will stop tracking data as of July 1, 2023 as it is replaced by the new Google Analytics 4 platform. What we didn’t know until now was how long marketers would have access to Universal Analytics in order to see their old data.

Well, now we know! Drumroll please…

Users will have until July 1, 2024—so, one year from when Universal Analytics shuts down—to review their past data.

Why use Google Analytics?

If you haven’t been using Google Analytics: Why the heck not? Without data, your business is missing out on key insights that can help shape your marketing and answer important questions about how you should spend your marketing budget, how customers are interacting with your website, and more. Making marketing decisions without access to analytics is basically flying blind.

Google Analytics is simple to set up on your website and begins tracking data immediately. Once you flip that switch, give it a little time and a boatload of information about your business will be at your fingertips.

I’m already using Google Analytics, obviously! What does this announcement mean for me?

Well first and foremost, congratulations on making data-driven marketing decisions! In order to keep using Google Analytics to its full potential, you’ll need to migrate your account to the new Google Analytics 4 platform before July 1, 2023. (If that sounds scary, just relax; let us know and one of our digital experts can help you out.)

Once that’s been set up, you’ll have until the just announced July 1, 2024 deadline to review and pull any historical reports from your Universal Analytics account. This is important because after the deadline Google will presumably shut the system down, meaning all of your data will have gone kaput.

Need help with your Google Analytics 4 migration?

Google Analytics is an incredibly important tool to have in your marketing toolbox. 

“Google Analytics 4 is the new standard for tracking visitors,” said Vitaliy Deputat, TRUEdotDESIGN’s resident digital expert. “It fills the gaps that Universal Analytics had and arms business owners with even more data points to run their business efficiently. It might require some additional training, but you’ll be blown away by the possibilities that it opens!”

Want to start using it to its utmost potential—or, at the very least, just get started? Our digital experts at TRUEdotDESIGN are here for you. 

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